Babe & Company Designs X Luxe Interiors By Nicole.

"Design is a language that is expressed in all aspects of our lives. It can be spoken of, created or simply experienced but the beauty is that it is systematically a vector for sharing different cultures, a sensational way of experiencing other people's vision." Hey Babe, CEO of Babe & Company Designs, LLC. I have decided to share with you my passion for all things home, decor, and furniture. I have been in this design and furniture industry for over seven years, and it has provided me the luxury of meeting so many amazing souls. While designing your home, business, or office we keep you in mind, always. We pride ourselves on working side by side with you to accomplish your design vision, and giving the upmost professional experience. No project is too big or small. We'll discuss the specifics of your project, help determine your budget and make some preliminary design suggestions. The  Babe Brand was built on the grind that we as women have to put in, day in and days out. I have over thirteen years of experience in imports and exports and overseas accounts. We will provide professional, over-the-top products and cultured modern looks for the home, office, or business.